Foam Free Friday

Ceremony arrangement

Hello everyone! Foam Free Friday is here again! Today’s foam free arrangement is an easy way of making a really pretty, natural garden style ceremony table decoration.

Start with a container which is relatively long but short in height, the wooden troughs I used are 35cm long and 10cm wide. These can either be used alone or put together, for this wedding I placed 3 together in a line to create one long arrangement which covered the front of the ceremony table.

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Step 1: Find a suitable container which isn’t too high at the sides. If it is too high then once you have put the flowers in it will be too tall to see over. This only matters if you are using as a ceremony or table arrangement. You can go as high as you like if no one needs to see over the top!

Step 2: Find some water tight containers to place inside the boxes/outer vessel. I experimented on different items to put inside which would hold the water. First were 3 jam jars, the second was 3 humous pots and the third was two plastic biscuit containers (the posh biscuits that come in a cardboard box with a plastic insert – these particular ones were co-op ginger and dark chocolate cookies, very tasty!) The biscuit inserts were the easiest to design in as they were wider and had more surface area which I could poke stems into whereas the jars had more narrow openings so had to be careful to ensure I was placing stems within the jar.

Step 3: Fill containers with water and place chicken wire over the top, then you can also lay a little bit of moss over the top to cover any chickenwire you might be able to see still. Start inserting the foliage through the chickenwire into the water.

Step 4: Once you’ve put the foliage in and covered your mechanics start inserting the flowers in. Design however you please, after the event you can reuse this time and time again. I tend to hire out these for table centres and top table arrangements so that I can collect after the event and reuse.

As with a few other things I’ve designed I do appreciate these aren’t perfect in terms of no plastic, but they are free of new plastic, these are all things that I already had and would have been going to waste. As much as I do try and live as plastic free as possible it is very difficult to cut everything out – as you can see here sometimes I need to buy biscuits or humous that come in plastic!