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Colourful Wedding Flowers

Great news guys – colour is here and if you’re a full blown colour enthusiast such as I you will find this pretty exciting. Last year’s wedding season saw a rise in people opting to have stronger notes in their flower colour palettes, a splash of cerise pink to brighten up the overall look or some yellow to add zing. Colourful wedding flowers are a great way to really brighten up a ceremony or reception room. Uplifting zesty, citrus colours have become very popular along with peaches and corals being a 2016 favourite.

Before I was fully immersed in the wedding world it hadn’t crossed my mind that there would be such a thing as wedding fashion trends, I thought people got married and simply chose colours that reflected them or which worked well with the venue or season. But nowadays there are so many visual references, particularly InstagramPinterest  and Facebook where we are surrounded by fabulous pictures of these amazing events it is hard not to be unknowingly sucked into following the trends. I am happy when the trend is for bold and bright, it is always really fun to work with punchy colour schemes.

Photo credits – top centre, centre left and centre right Fleming Photo. Lower left Ride Again Photography  Lower centre Laurence and Ella Photography Bottom right Sara Reeve Photography

We’ve been seeing a rise in relaxed and more personal weddings in the last couple of years and 2016 saw many festival and fiesta style celebrations taking place. Personally I have seen a reduction in the pale rustic jam jar style wedding an a rise in the brighter bolder Mexican fiesta style. Small jars and vases are still popular though, having clusters of smaller arrangements rather than one large one on each table remains a popular reception decor choice.

Photo credit – lower left Fleming Photo

January is one of the busiest times of year for wedding planning with many newly engaged couples getting excited and starting to plan their big day. I’d advise getting started with a Pinterest board, pin away with any images you are inspired by – even if you aren’t sure on the style or colour scheme you are going for.  Over time you will start to see a pattern emerge and it seems to come together in terms of a theme, or if you can’t see the theme then I often can – and that is where your florist will help you out!

Happy planning!

Lib xx

Summer Sunflower Sussex Wedding

A Beautiful August Wedding at Crockstead Farm, Sussex

August weddings are popular there’s no doubt about it – who wouldn’t want to get married on a sunny summers day?! Sadly the English weather doesn’t always cooperate, in fact sometimes it seems very confused about what season we’re in! But I’m happy to say Sami and Nick’s wedding on August 9th was the most gloriously sunny day – hurrah! It was such a pleasure working at the beautiful Crockstead Farm Hotel – the grounds were so peaceful!

Sami and Nick chose a burnt orange and red colour palette to compliment their favourite flower – the sunflower! I was able to make the most of the lovely seasonal summer flowers available such as, Dahlias and Zinnias (my favourites!)