My favourite alternative wedding flowers

5 alternative wedding flower ideas

I wanted to write a little post about flowers that get a bit forgotten about in the world of weddings. There are such strong trends within the wedding industry and you see the same flowers and colours featured time and time again. Of course there is nothing wrong with being a little more traditional with your wedding but if you do want to try something a little different then hopefully this post will help. There are so many wonderfully creative folk doing their wedding their way. So with this in mind, I present to you my favourite alternative wedding flowers. Little beauties that maybe get overlooked for the ‘fashionable’ and ‘weddingy’ flowers that are being suggested by mainstream magazines and blogs.

1. Daffodils

The humble daffodil. This beautiful and uplifting flower often gets forgotten about for weddings and why I will never know! It is sunny, happy, grown in England and also (a nice bonus) cheap as chips! Available in late Winter and through Spring these beauties work well en masse but also look great mixed with your other favourite spring flower.

2. Dahlias

Dahlias are one of my absolute favourite flowers. Available throughout summer and well into Autumn they make the perfect addition to any celebration. One of the things I love about them is the variety, not only of colour but of shape and structure. If you love bright bold and mis-matched there is a dahlia for almost every colour you can imagine! If you are more subtle then they come in a beautiful variety of pale whites creams and pastels. Oh and did I mention they are also really good value? What’s not to love?!

3. Amaryllis

Although traditionally seen as a Christmas flower, I think the Amaryllis has a lot more to offer us throughout spring. The price of a tall, 4 headed stem of Amaryllis is actually similar to that of one single large rose or a peony…makes you think doesn’t it? You need far fewer stems to fill a vase and can create the most stunning and visually impressive arrangements with relatively little money compared to other flowers. Just remember to make sure you allow enough time for them to open…they aren’t quite such a spectacle when they are closed! A few days should suffice.

4. Chincherichee

I love these bright little flowers and they have the most amazingly long vase life – we’re talking several weeks here! They also last extremely well out of water making them a good choice for buttonholes, corsages and hair pieces. They are also available in a long stem white headed variety which works perfectly for more chic and minimal decor, the tiny heads have white flowers with a black centre so work very well with monochrome designs.

5. Gladiloi

These flowers really make an impact and come in all different colours so there is bound to be a shade to match your wedding colour theme – or go crazy and have them all! They are large tall stems often a metre in height so really great for large vase arrangements to really make a statement. Again they are really great value for money which is always a plus – you can have twice as many!

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Thanks for reading,

Lib x