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September Flowers | Wedding Flower Ideas

My guide to a September Wedding

September is a beautiful time of year, it can still be gorgeously warm or it can feel decidedly Autumnal – either way I think it’s a great month (of course that has nothing to do with it being my birthday month…) Here are some of my favourite seasonal flowers available at this time of year. If you are planning your wedding for September and are feeling confused about what might still be available you’re in luck as there’s loads of treats to be had! And best of all a lot of these flowers are still available from English growers.

Dahlias & Zinnias

Gorgeous shapes and colours, some dahlias are the size of a dinner plate! Check out the ‘cafe au lait’ dahlia for soft blush pink perfection (below left) Zinnias seen below right, come in all kinds of beautiful bright colours and work great with the rich jewel tones that early Autumn provides.


Pretty berries available in both pink and white, I love them for adding interesting texture and shape to an arrangement.


Available in both pink and white and still growing in English gardens throughout September, this is a really pretty dainty flower which looks great in bouquets and arrangements.

Ammi majus

Known as ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ it’s pretty and delicate as you’d imagine from the name. It tends to finish from English growers until around mid September but is available as an import later into the year.


This pretty flower has rose like heads and a really lovely blousy feel. Available in white, cream, lilac, purple, apricot, pale pink and some really unusual gorgeous deep purple and red tones too . It is still around from English growers but weather dependent. Dutch varieties are really good quality and available all year round.


The British gladioli crop is still going strong and they are brilliant for larger arrangements when you want to add a bit of height. They are a very cost effective way of achieving a larger looking arrangement without breaking the bank and they come in a wide variety of colours. What’s not to love?!


Coming in some gorgeous warm jewel tones, this celosia is still available from British growers and adds great colour and soft fluffy texture to bouquets and arrangements.  Below picture is courtesy of Floret Flowers 


There are plenty of flowers available all year round if none of these beauties float your boat. Roses, freesia, Dutch lisianthus, lilies, alstromeiria, carnation, chrysanthemum, gerbera, gypsophila, statice/limonium, and iris to name a few! For more information and advice on choosing luscious September wedding flowers contact me on hello@bettierose.co.uk to have a chat or set up a meeting.

Thanks or reading,

Lib xx