Favourite February Flowers

Romance is in the air and everywhere we look there’s an advert for red roses, but that’s not all February has to offer. There’s plenty of early spring treats which make for gorgeous bright and cheerful house decoration as well as wedding worthy elegance.

If you are planning your wedding for February, be careful around the 14th and if you want red or pink flowers as you will expect to see a hefty price hike (not the florists fault – we have to pay more too!) The rest of the month is a lovely time for flowers and believe it or not there is plenty to choose from that isn’t roses!

If you like what you see here be sure to pre-order your seasonal bouquet for that special someone in your life. This year Bettie Rose will be doing Valentines day with a difference, not a red rose in sight, just beautiful seasonal blooms delivered throughout Brighton & Hove.

Here are my top 5 February Flowers


So versatile and so beautiful! These lovelies are available in so many colours and textures that they really work with all styles and colour schemes. Ranunculus are (in my opinion) a good substitute for peonies, they have a similar ruffly centre which opens out beautifully.

Photos directly below are by: left Bella Kotak and right Devlin Photos


Coming in all different shapes and sizes, tulips are great for all kinds of occasions. They come in single, double, parrot, frilly edge, french – all kinds! Available from November through until May but I’d say at their best around February/March. Some people aren’t so keen on the way tulips keep growing after you’ve cut them, personally I love this about them and it gives them an extra bit of personality, they go where they feel like!


They aren’t just a Christmas flower! Amaryllis are still going strong during spring and you’ll find the prices far more agreeable outside of the festive season too! They are great for large vase arrangements and really add an extra bit of impact. Available in a range of pinks, reds, salmons peaches and whites.

Amaryllis, alternative wedding flowers


You just can’t beat the smell of narcissi! Sweetly scented and quintessentially spring, you just can’t go wrong with these beauties. There are quite a few varieties and all around the white, yellow, cream orange colour scheme. If pure white is your thing then you’ll want to try paperwhites, they smell divine!

Photo credit below left:  Bella Kotak


I really love anemones, I can’t quite choose my favourite between the cerise pink and the deep sumptuous burgundy/purple tone. Also available in bright red, white, purple and a range of pastel shades.

If you like what you see and want a beautiful seasonal bunch, pre-order now for Valentines day for free delivery throughout Brighton & Hove