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Beautiful Blue Wedding Flowers

Embracing blue as your colour theme and choosing those blue wedding flowers.

I thought I’d do something a little different this time and focus on a colour rather than flower type or season. Colour is everywhere and although we probably don’t notice in everyday life, we are constantly choosing products and making decisions based on colour. It has long been believed that colours have a huge impact on our moods and overall well being. So with that in mind why not give a thought to your wedding colours and the kind of mood you’d like to convey. The beauty of blue is that it can be elegant, sophisticated and subtle for a classic traditional style wedding or it can be bold, playful and fun for a more relaxed affair. 

Blue is a colour thought to represent calmness and serenity and is often described as peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. It also is a colour of trust, honesty and loyalty – pretty key factors in a lasting marriage!

Each season has it’s own blue flowers. Whilst Summer has a larger selection and some real true blues on offer, Spring, Autumn and Winter have their fair share too. Some of my favourite summer blues you can see above, Delphinium and Agapanthus and Hydrangea below. Artichoke (pictured below left) is a fabulous way to include some texture and structure to your arrangements, they are big, bold and create quite an impact!

Blue is a very versatile colour and works nicely with other colours, paired with lilacs, dusky pinks and silver foliages such as Eucalyptus and Dusty Miller it can look beautifully subtle and elegant. Teaming bold blue with oranges and yellows can make a fabulous impact if you’re looking to brighten things up.

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