My top 10 spring wedding flowers

Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married and there are so many floral treats to choose from. It’s always a good idea to go seasonal with your flowers, that way the blooms will be at their very best and also at their best price too. Don’t worry yourself that peonies are out of season, we have tulips and ranunculus which are just as beautiful! Here’s my list of 10 gorgeous flowers I’m pretty sure you’re going to fall in love with.

1. ranunculus

Ah where do I start, so many colours and styles of ranunculus are available right the way from November through til May. They are pretty much at their best in March and April when you will see many different varieties. They have very thin papery petals and are a pretty great early spring substitute for a peony if that’s your kinda thing.

Photo above by Devlin Photos you can see more of this wedding here

2. anemone

I really do love anemones, they add a splash of vivid colour or can be subtle and muted in whites and pale pastels. The dark navy centres are really pretty and can add a darker note to an otherwise light and bright arrangement.  Anemones are available throughout Winter and Spring.

Photo below right by PhotoMadly


3. tulips 

Gorgeous! Tulips come in such a range of colours and sizes that they really can suit any type of arrangement. Below you can see single, double and frilly edge tulips and they all open up looking different. You can also get parrot tulips which again have a different look and French tulips if you want something taller for a large vase arrangement. Photo by Bianka Csenki on Unsplashtulips for a spring wedding in Brighton, Sussex

Below are the beautiful ‘angelique’ double tulips which open up amazingly as you can see in the centre picture.


4. viburnum

Such a lovely soft and fluffy looking flower, it kind of crosses the line between foliage and flower. I love it’s fresh zingy green colour and it can work really well with very subtly whites and greens but it also acts as a great complimentary colour to hot pinks and brighter shades.

5. spirea

A lovely dainty white blossom which adds a gorgeous texture to arrangements.

6. narcissi

Sweetly ascented and available in a viariety of shapes and colours. From pure white ‘paperwhites’ to pale creamy yellow ‘winston churchill’ to bright yellow classic daffodil style there’s a lot of choice.

7. hyancinths

Hyacinths are a great spwing wedding flower, they add subtle colour and a heady fragrance. Although not everyone is a fan of the scent as it can be quite powerful, personally I like it and a few blooms interspersed throughout different arrangements isn’t going to create and overpowering scent. Just be careful if you are thinking of having A LOT of hyacinths as you might find some peoples hay fever is set off! Hyacinths come mostly in subtle pastels, pinks, lemon, white and blue but also in a gorgeous deep plum/pink tone.

8. muscari

Also known as the grape hyacinth, these little pretties are so tiny and delicate much like baby versions of hyacinth. Available in blues and white and only in short lengths (so no good in your large urn arrangements) muscari works really well in bouquets and smaller arrangements for the table too.

9. hellebores

These dainty flowers come in whitish green shades but also the most gorgeous deep plum tones too, perfect for a slightly more unusual Spring combination.

10.  forget me not

Such pretty little flowers! I love the tiny bit of yellow they have in the centre too, it really makes the blue stand out. These are similar to muscari in that they only come in very short lengths. They are a great addition to bouquets and work really nicely in small rustic arrangements such as milk bottles filled with wild flowers.